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Oscar Bias w/ Zoheb Ali

Joined by special guest host Zoheb Ali of Midnight Double Feature Podcast (37:29), Adam and Zoheb discuss if personal bias of eligible Oscar voters are running the Academy Awards (04:39), Zoheb gives Adam a chance to host a mini version of Midnight Double Feature (44:11) and the two discuss if watching Zootopia can make you a better person (50:48). Corrections (72:23). Midnight Double Feature Clip (75:47). Enjoy!


Learn more about Zoheb's Charity of Choice, the Red Cross Australia. "Australian Red Cross is there for people in need, no matter who you are, no matter where you live".


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Carey Mulligan Suggests Oscar Voters Need To Prove They’ve Seen The Movies


St. Paul Police Screen ‘Zootopia’ As Part Of Anti-Bias Training


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Art That Moves Us w/ Marla Klein

Joined by special guest host Marla Klein (20:05), Adam and Marla discuss the subjectiveness of art and how expensive produce can create meaningful conversation (02:43) and the importance of having a supportive system for LGBTQ+ youth during an impactful time for transgender rights (27:00). Corrections (44:39). Enjoy!


Learn more about Marla's Charity of Choice, Freeborn County Arts Initiative. "The Freeborn County Arts Initiative promotes regional arts and culture to enrich and strengthen our community in Albert Lea Minnesota. Our goal is to help develop the area into an arts and culture tourism and entertainment destination".


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Banana Duct-Taped To A Wall Sells For $120,000 At Art Basel Miami


MN Mom Sues Her Trans Child Over Gender Reassignment


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10,000 Tendus w/ Empress

Joined by special guest host Empress (30:34), Adam and Empress discuss the importance of having a stage name as an artist (02:01), professional musicians asking for “tips” and how streaming platforms are changing the music landscape (49:26) and how TikTok is changing the next generations beauty standards (74:42). Corrections (108:15). Enjoy!


Learn more about Empress's Charity of Choice, She Is The Music. "She Is The Music is an industrywide movement to empower female creators. The organization is committed to driving inclusivity and equality for women in music, with the goal of transforming the landscape of the business".


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Tony Hadley Doesn’t Know How To Pronounce His Own Name Insists Radio Station


Spotify’s New “Tip Jar” Won’t Save The Industry But It Asks Us To Consider Music’s Value


TikTok Told Moderators To Suppress Posts By “Ugly” People And The Poor To Attract New Users


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Black In America w/ The Real Is Back Music

Joined by special guest host Marcell and Cortezz of The Real Is Back Music, Adam and The Real Is Back Music discuss the death of George Floyd and the response of Mayor Hal Marx (5:13), how it feels to be black in America (12:37), activism clout (24:45), the white savior complex (52:53), the impact of protests and riots (61:40), the damaged police system of the US with a few solutions (71:56) and the importance of opinion (109:27). Corrections (124:36). Enjoy!


TRIBmusic's Charity of Choice, Minnesota Freedom Fund"The Minnesota Freedom Fund is a community based nonprofit that combats the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low-income individuals who cannot otherwise afford it. We oppose 'pay-to-play' justice and believe that our work has the potential to catalyze substantive criminal justice."


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Flip The Script w/ Eliza VanCort

Joined by special guest host Eliza VanCort, Adam and Eliza discuss equal representation in a post #MeToo society, the shifting landscape of female politicians and the perceived confidence behind your wardrobe. Enjoy!



Eliza VanCort

Website / "Women Amplified" YouTube Series

Support Eliza's Charity of Choice [Girl Up]



A Female James Bond? Never, Confirms Executive Producer


[00:04:15 - 00:29:43]


Running For President Is Hurting Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign


[00:33:55 - 00:55:28]


Women Dress Modestly To Defend Themselves Against Aggression From Other Women


[00:55:28 - 01:27:22]


Water Cooler Talk | Episode 037


Cover artwork by Neil Kohney

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Tiger King w/ Ryan Beal

Joined by special guest host Ryan Beal (for a 3rd time), Adam and Ryan discuss “Tiger King” and Carole Baskin conspiracy theories, AI vs Hollywood gut instinct and how loot boxes are changing the video game landscape! Enjoy!



Ryan Beal


Support Ryan's Charity of Choice [Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota]



O.J. Simpson Has “Not A Shred Of Doubt” That Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband

https://ietv.co/2WDONbW (replacing broken source)

[00:03:29 - 00:20:48]


Warner Bros. Signs Deal For AI-Driven Film Management System


[00:25:30 - 00:41:17]


EA: They’re Not Loot Boxes, They’re “Surprise Mechanics” And They’re “Quite Ethical”


[00:41:17 - 00:57:47]


Water Cooler Talk | Episode 036


Cover artwork by Neil Kohney

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The Legacy of Althea Gibson w/ Cecil Harris

Joined by special guest host Cecil Harris, Adam and Cecil discuss athletes reclaiming ownership of their own names, Althea Gibson’s racial impact on tennis and the USWNT fight for equal pay across the sports landscape. Enjoy!



Cecil Harris

Website / Twitter

Order "Different Strokes" [HERE]



Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark Application For The Word “The”


[00:05:07 - 00:21:20]


Gibson, Hard Advance To Wimbledon Final


[00:38:39 - 01:02:15]


Male Footballers Should Earn More Than Women...According To US Football Authorities


[01:02:15 - 01:26:06]


*Update to USWNT lawsuit



Water Cooler Talk | Episode 035


Cover artwork by Neil Kohney

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