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Best Of 2021

December 28, 2021

Before we officially head into 2022, we revisit our five favorite stories from 2021.


Stories include: the implications of Canada’s Bill C-10 on regulating internet cat videos (03:43), how critical race theory is re-washing America’s past (24:05), the importance of understanding how animals comprehend morality separate from humans (59:42), what the latest patent approval by Spotify could mean for the future of playlist recommendations (85:18) and how the prestigious man is slowly starting to overtake the alpha male (101:58).




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Better Conversations w/ Daniel Proussalidis

Justin Trudeau And The CRTC Are Coming For Your Cat Videos


Critical Location Theory w/ Natasha Sohni

Critical Race Theory Bans Leads Oklahoma College To Cancel Class That Taught “White Privilege”


Elephant Fight Club w/ Susana Monsó

These Worms Produce Milk, But Only When They Kick The Bucket


Privacy Paradox w/ Jake Teeny

Spotify Patents Tech To Monitor Your Speech, Infer Emotion


The Prestigious Man w/ Avik Das

The Myth Of The Alpha Male


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